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Gamescom 2023: H be quiet! αποκαλύπτει δύο νέους high-end air coolers υψηλής ποιότητας

Glinde, August 23, 2023 – be quiet!, the German manufacturer for premium PC components, is unveiling two brand-new high-end air coolers at the gamescom expo in Cologne, Germany, from August 23rd to 27th. Dark Rock Pro 5 follows in the footsteps of the extremely successful and award-winning Dark Rock Pro 4, offering immense cooling performance at low noise levels on all popular consumer platforms, while Dark Rock Elite is aimed at users that require the highest performance and airflow, integrating ARGB lighting and a unique front fan rail system for an elite experience.

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Raising the bar for air cooling even further

Improving upon the high performance benchmark set by Dark Rock Pro 4 was not easy, but be quiet! managed to raise the bar even further with Dark Rock Pro 5. By leveraging the performance of Silent Wings and adding an integrated speed switch to prioritize cooling or silence have resulted in an air cooler that loves multithreaded tasks, whether it’s high-end gaming or a workstation setup. Still want more? With its unprecedented cooling abilities, Dark Rock Elite is the perfect fit for gaming enthusiasts who want to achieve the best possible CPU performance and airflow, while not missing out on great ARGB lighting. Not only does the Elite offer Silent Wings fans and an integrated speed switch, it also uses an innovative rail system for the front fan to guarantee compatibility with most memory modules and motherboards. Dark Rock Pro 5 and Dark Rock Elite will be officially launched late October.

Exciting activities for all visitors

At their booth at gamescom, be quiet! will be showcasing their latest offerings, including the highly anticipated Shadow Base 800 cases. In addition to product presentations, gaming enthusiasts will have the chance to test their skills in competitive gaming against the BLUEJAYS eSports team. Moreover, the be quiet! team will be hosting challenging contests where attendees can demonstrate their knowledge of the hardware and gaming market. be quiet! will have an open booth design, so no need for scheduling a meeting.

be quiet! can be found in the entertainment area, Hall 10.1, booth A078.

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